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The products of the SERSOFT range are softener agents that enhance the smooth hand feel of tissue paper and the soft feel.

The design and selection of the most appropriate softener will allow to obtain the desired properties in the final paper produced.

By understanding as, Superficial Softness or Hand feel,  the sensation perceived when the fingers move on the surface of the paper, Bulk or  Spongy properties,  the tactile sensation perceived when tissue paper is pressed and creased between the hands and Flexibility as the modulus of elasticity (o coefficient) of the paper.

The optimum combination of effects is achieved thanks to the adequate formulation of the SERSOFT range and unlike traditional technologies, the formulations do not generate loss of characteristics (resistances) to paper.



SERSOFT range provides softness by lubricating and preparing fibers in an individual way reducing the coefficient of friction between them. This way  improves flexibility, smoothness, surface softness and bulk.

Thanks to its cationic character, the product has a high affinity for fibers used in tissue papermaking, conferring a lasting effect with time. This property allows to fix the softener on the fibers as the same time it allows to increase the retention of fines and mantains the mechanical properties of the paper.

It is possible to use the product with a wide variety of fibers, either with virgin fiber or recycled paper.

Provide a high softness to the tissue paper

Provide an increase of the bulk to the final paper

Increase the total retention

Maintain the physical properties.