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A common situation in paper machines that use starch and recycled paper (OCC) is the high COD that is provided to the circuit, and therefore in the WWTP. Moreover, the microbiological growing potential is higher and detriments the yield of other chemical products. The objective of the treatment is to collect the starch from the waters and bond it to the fiber to remove it from the circuit with the paper sheet.

The fixation of the residual starch to the fiber allows the reduction of consumption of starch in papermaking, maintaining the characteristics or even increasing them.

SERFIX E 70 reacts with various types of starches present

in the paper circuit. Generally the starch used in paper mill in different stages according to the properties required.

As a cationic product, it fixed the different starches on the fiber and

eliminates them from the water, resulting in a reduction of COD. Moreover the starch fixed in the fiber contributes to give physical properties to the paper.

COD reduction

Retention increase

Improve the production process

Increase the efficiency of other chemical products

Reduce the stickies problems

Increase properties.