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SERTEC20 has a wide range of fragrances and essential oils in polymeric microcapsules.

The fragrances applied in the tissue conversion process confer a pleasant sensation to the consumer when released in a controlled manner.

They provide a protective coating that avoids the premature volatilization of the encapsulated material, its oxidation and the external interaction with the different chemicals used in the papermaking process.

The microcapsules, with high compatibility with ionic and non-ionic agents, have been designed taking into account a large number of factors that involve both the active component, the microencapsulated structure, the useful life of the encapsulated material and its application, such as the release needs of the active content, preventing it from dissipating in any other way before its use.

Desired sensory effect by a wide range of fragrances

Enhance product recognition (corporate fragrance)

Add value to the final product

Create synergy between colour and fragrance.