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To achieve significant savings in starch treatment, SERTEC20 proposes to substitute the cationic starch by native starch “cationized” in situ using a specific formulation that cationizes any native starch while obtaining a behavior which equalises or even enhance the performance of cationic starch and, consequently, allow to remove cationic starch reaching the desired level of cationization.

CATIOTEC due to its structure and cationicity is adsorbed onto the starch molecule modifying its surface and giving it an overall cationic charge.

It is posible to cationize up to the desired level, the cationicity of the modified starch molecule is practically linear with the dose.

The easy control and application make of this product an effective assistant in the control of the wet part of the machine, being able to change the cationicity of the native starch in different paper productions by adjusting it to the requirements.

Savings in starch treatment using native starch instead of cationic starch

Possibility of increase paper properties

A better control of the retention system through the capacity to adjust the dose depending on the ionicity of the system

Cationized starch can not be used to replace the cationic starch in sizing ASA emulsion because the native cationized starch has a low yield when it used to emulsify the ASA.

In that case,  we propose a preparation based on cationic polymers of medium charge density EMULTECH PCE , specially designed as substitute system of the cationic starch to emulsify ASA.