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The starch used in in paper mill is mainly applied in wet end section for internal sizing, size press for surface sizing, and size press or off-machine application for coating. Mainly starch is classified into two types: native starch (corn starch, tapioca starch, waxy maize starch, potato starch, wheat starch and rice starch…) and modified starch (cationic starch, amphoteric starch, oxidized starch etc.).

SERFIX S20 EO technology is one of the pioneers in the market to reduce sprayed native starch consumption.

Is a special patented blend designed to increase the particle size of native starch slurries.

The modification of the surface of native starch allows to improve the retention of the starch on the paper sheet, enhancing the efficiency and reducing the consumption of starch to produce the same results.

SERFIX S20 EO reacts with the native starch to increase the particle size and reduces the particle distribution curve, improving the retention of starch in the final sheet.

Another benefit is the reduction of starch in white waters, improving the quality of the process water.

Maintain dry strength with less starch

Reduce the cost of starch treatment

Reduce starch in white waters

Better machine stability