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One of the most important parameters, during high grammage paperboard and cardboard making, is the thickness or caliper of the sheet. Moreover, drainage is one of the speed limitations in this type of papers, and therefore production.

The products of SERVOL KI range provide volume properties to the paper and increase drainage.

SERVOL KI es dispersado en masa y retenido en la hoja mediante el sistema de retención y/o su propia retención mecánica.

SERVOL KI is dispersed on the thick stock and retained on the furnish by the mechanical retention and retention aid system.


Thanks to its hydrophobic character, it occupies a higher specific space than its own configuration.

The space created between fibers on the wire and press section is kept on the paper along the process, because the fiber bonds have already been created during the paper sheet formation and press section.

The distance created between the fibers provides elasticity, this permits the paper to support mechanical actions keeping its volume.

Another effect of the product is the increase of the porosity due to the micro-spaces. Also they make it easier for air to get through, that’s why we observe a positive effect of the product on the drainage and drying of the paper.

Volume increase

Drainage increase

Reduction/Substitution of mechanical furnish

Porosity increase

Speed increase – Steam reduction

Opacity increase.